Homosexual urge is one of so many urges in human species. Yielding to the urge for sexual gratification is one of the acts of immorality in the life of a moral human being who is endowed with free will and intelligence. We can easily fall prey to this kind of tempting urge and even get addicted to it just as a drunkard gets addicted to drinking, a womanizer gets addicted to chasing women around or flirting around them without control, a kleptomaniac gets addicted to pilfering or stealing what belongs to others etc.

But the worst crime I can commit against humanity, against the innocent children of our society who do not know any better, and against God Himself, is to declare publicly that immoral acts are righteous and morally acceptable. When we let this happen and publicized in our media, we make God a liar, we deceive and scandalize the young innocents and become first hand abusers of minors, thereby endangering the welfare of little children in our society. This is what we do when we legalize gay and lesbian practices including gay and lesbian marriages and display it in the public television for our young children to watch and even go into elementary and high schools to create an awareness of its practices among our little children.

The following biblical passages have spoken enough in condemnation of homosexual/lesbian practices. They include: Gen 1:27; 2:24; Gen 19 (condemnation and destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah); Lev. 18:22-23; Rom. 1:26-27; 1Cor. 6:9-10; 1Tim. 1:9-10; etc.  Gen 1:27 and 2:24 imposed a natural condemnation on homosexual and lesbian practices and marriages. In those two passages in Genesis, God himself articulated how things should be as it relates to a man and a woman.

The truth of the adage has it right that the worst tragedy of human history is that men have refused to learn from history. Such societies as Sodom and Gomorrah who practiced homosexual immoralities were not spared by God in their own time but we have refused to learn from their own historical mistakes. We must be sure of one thing, that being a just God, He will do to us and even more than what He did to Sodom and Gomorrah UNLESS WE REPENT. More because we refused to learn from what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. God will do it in his own way, not the way we might expect because He is a God of surprises.

When inventors invent and factories manufacture goods like cars, airplanes, radios, TVs etc., they issue manuals in which they stipulate rules and regulations, guiding the use of their products for optimal enjoyment of those products by their users. They possess their copyrights and are entitled to the rules and regulations they issued regarding their products.

God’s manual is in the Scriptures where He stipulates rules and regulations guiding our relationship with His creation and Himself.  No factory or company on earth claims to have invented or manufactured human beings and human sexuality including the sexual organs, but God, who is not only the author of life, intelligence and wisdom but He who sustains the universe and all in it.

Today we claim to redefine the rules and regulations guiding human sexuality and the functions of sexual organs. We think that by casting majority votes we can change what God has designed and established in accordance with His own will and pleasure (Rev. 4:11). None of our votes was called for when God designed human sexuality the way He wanted it to be. The homosexuals do not even need our votes or the votes of the congressmen for them to practice their homosexuality. Vote or no vote would not stop them from doing what they have decided to do. If that is the case, why should I stick my finger into another person’s mess by casting my vote for somebody else to enjoy his/her immoral lifestyle in the name of exercise of freedom? But he/she has been enjoying this lifestyle without my vote. The most recent voting has to do with the legalization of same sex marriage in New York State. What a shame! New York state is the 6th state to legalize same sex marriage in the United States of America. Other 44 states are still thinking about it.

Some of our congressmen argued that the material reason why they changed their mind and voted for the legalization of same sex marriage is that it was made clear that the churches would not be forced to solemnize or bless same sex marriages in future. 

How can I deceive myself into thinking that the churches will not be forced or persecuted to bless and solemnize same sex marriages in future? If I vote to say that some members of our society have the right to practice homosexuality, I am simply endorsing homosexual/lesbian practices as something that is good for society. If it is not good, why should I vote for its legalization in the first place? But if it is good and moral and is good for the welfare of our society why should the churches not solemnize or bless such marriages?

If by our votes we declare that same sex marriages are good for our society and should be practiced why should the homosexuals not require their churches and even persecute them to bless and solemnize their marriages in future? This is part of the ongoing moral warfare. When our enemy the devil gains the first ground, he stretches out to the next. Today he has secured endorsement and tomorrow he would move for his rights. You can imagine what will happen when a homosexual comes into power and position of leadership. Who will rescue the churches from the clutches of his/her leadership as it relates to solemnization of same sex marriages by churches?

We legalize even the most shameful thing in the name of freedom. But my freedom is freedom to do good and not evil and the freedom to stand for and to defend the right thing. God gave us freedom to do good and not evil, so that the good we have done under free will would become meritorious. That’s why those who misused their freedom to do evil or violate the rules and regulations of our society wind up in jail or prison- which is a place of temporal deprivation of freedom. When we misuse our freedom to do the wrong thing and enact evil policies and regulations on a national or societal level, God will be after us just as we go after law breakers who misused their freedom and have them punished.

By virtue of our freedom we acquire duties and obligations, rights and privileges. There are no rights and privileges that have no duties and obligations.  The two always and necessarily go together. Any right or privilege that has no duty or obligation naturally attached to it is a false right and a false privilege and have no right to exist.  Individuals freely chose to contract same sex marriages, asking for rights and privileges which left them with no duties and obligations toward society. Hence, their marriage is nothing but MARRIAGE FOR SEX which leaves them with nothing but the pleasure of sexual gratification. Their union is not productive and, therefore, is of no use to society. It is solely selfish. It begins with the two partners and ends with the two partners. They take from society but give nothing back to society. Hence, their relationship to society is parasitic. They seek to be accorded with the rights and privileges such as tax cuts/deductions and other benefits being granted to those in heterosexual marriage union namely husbands and wives, but they are naturally incapable of fulfilling for society the duties and obligations of married individuals in conjugal union.

The society accords certain rights and privileges to husbands and wives in conjugal union not because they have freedom of choice and have chosen to contract heterosexual marriage union, but because of certain duties and obligations they fulfill for society. Some of these duties include: to procreate and populate society with citizens; to train and educate their children to become responsible citizens well equipped and ready to carry on different functions in society for its continuity and stability, thereby keeping the human race from extinction. The above functions are irreplaceable.

Because, their marriage is itself healthy, natural and lawfully contracted, the parents can then procreate and raise children of moral integrity because society is entitled to having within it, individuals of moral sanity and integrity and NOT individuals of moral nuisance and sexual irresponsibility.

A good and responsible citizen is good for society and a bad one is bad for society. Society is the beneficiary of good citizens and the victim of bad ones. Parents are not paid by society to train their children to become responsible citizens who are morally, socially and culturally sound. But society compensates husbands and wives by granting them tax cuts/deductions and other benefits to offset their heavy spending as they train citizens to shoulder responsibilities for society. Nobody should begrudge parents or husbands and wives of these privileges.

It takes only a male and a female to procreate and populate society. A male and a male cannot procreate and father a child. Likewise a female and a female cannot procreate and mother a child. We need males and females in society. There is no alternative. Without children society goes into extinction. Homosexuals and lesbians are biologically, sexually and naturally incapable of fulfilling such duties in society. Hence, they have no right to demand for the rights and privileges being granted to those members of society who can fulfill those duties and obligations as described above.

Homosexuals and lesbians, nevertheless, have the right to enjoy every other rights and privileges being enjoyed by every other person in society outside marriage. And, nobody has the right to deprive them of any of those rights and privileges based on their sexual lifestyle as long as the right and privilege in question does not conflict with the doctrinal and moral requirements of the person’s own religious tradition.

But for any society to vote into law the legalization of such fruitless marriage as lesbian/gay marriage is nothing but to sign a warrant for its own extinction and the extinction of the human race at large, because if all were to go by that lifestyle, the continuity and stability of the human race is rendered impossible. You cannot sensibly and sanely vote into law for society what in itself redirects society toward self extinction. Those states that have done so should abrogate such law.

Individuals who have personally and freely chosen to adopt such lifestyle should in no way be molested by anyone as long as they themselves do not stand in the way of anyone by forcing others to join or recognize them. It should be nobody’s business and they have no right to advertise it for anybody to see just as sex between husband and wife is not advertised for anybody to see. And nobody has the right to go into public schools (elementary and high schools) to teach our innocent children who are not of age, homosexual/lesbian practices under sex education in the name of creating awareness of it in the little children. That should be considered a crime and endangering the welfare of little children.

Environment breeds character. Morally healthy and responsible citizens cannot be raised in the face of sexual scandal. Same sex marriage is a scandal and a shame to human sexuality. Sam sex marriage is nothing but a marriage for sex pleasures and personal gratification of sexual urges. It does not fulfill any other noble purpose. It can never be fruitful. Homosexual partners have lost their moral authority and therefore cannot enforce moral sanity and responsibility on a child. But society needs such children of moral sanity and responsibility without which society will be reduced to a place of moral nuisance and chaos.

Therefore, homosexuals and lesbians cannot legally adopt children because they cannot raise them up responsibly having been handicapped by their immoral sexual lifestyle. For society to entrust children in their custody is to endanger the welfare of little children who themselves do not know any better and cannot say no but are still entitled to an upbringing in moral sanity and responsibility for their own good and the good of society. The society, therefore, is endangering its own welfare in entrusting children to the custody of homosexuals and lesbians in the name of adoption.

This is all a moral warfare. When our enemy the devil gains or captures a particular territory, he advances and moves on to the next. Time shall come when individuals will demand to marry their animal pets in the name of freedom of choice and will require society to recognize such marriages demanding for rights and privileges. Time shall also come when certain individuals will turn around to sue the government for placing them in the hands of homosexuals or lesbians for adoption when they as grown up adults begin to face the shame of saying in the public who their fathers and mothers are.  Not every individual would like such experience and put up with the embarassment that would come with it. We must be fair to these little babies as we select their would-be adopted fathers and mothers. We must resist Satan now and change our ways because the full consequences and future repercussions of what we are doing today are not yet made known to us. Let us avoid the evil we could avoid. Legalization of same sex marriage for our society is one of them.