Are we Americans running crazy or are we dreaming?  Are we still in our right minds?  What are we about to begin?  On January 28 and 29 of 2012, Channel  9 (YNN- TV STATION) in Rochester announced that beginning the next academic year, the public schools will begin to distribute condoms to public school children.

The announcement states:  The board members voted 4 to 3 and therefore concluded that it was the right thing to do for our children.  One vote difference is not enough to make such a wild moral decision for society.  Once this is allowed, other school districts will begin to copy their scandal.

The announcement went on to state:  “and, most of the school children said that it was a good idea”.  Citing children as supporters is a sign that there is a lack of solid reason to have schools distribute condoms because children are not mature enough to decide on what is a good idea and appropriate for their education.  You don’t give the body all that it craves, otherwise, it degenerates into animalistic behavior—a moral nuisance.

The announcement continued to state that the student will be counseled before receiving a condom. Let us not deceive ourselves. What kind of counseling? One thing is assured, namely, that the counseling will never advocate for continence or self control. It will only teach our children how to use condom in sexual activity.  We know that some students do sneak to fool around behind their parents or guardians. Are we then to pat them on the back by offering them condoms as a public endorsement that it is ok for them to have sex at their age?

I should ask parents:  At what age should your child in the public school have sex?  At 5, 8, 12, 14, 16, 18?  When?  If your answer is no to the above question, which means that they should not have sex at all, then the schools and society should encourage and teach our children continence and self control at this stage of their development.

Some argue that condoms are to be offered only to students in High School. This is another self deception since we have minors in the high schools. Adulthood in America begins at 18. Majority of high school students are below 18. If we offer condoms to students in the high schools who are minors, children in the middle schools are indirectly empowered to go for it because their sexual cravings are not different from those of high school students. Likewise our children in elementary schools, they are all minors and have sexual appetite and crave to gratify them if they are allowed.

The Word of God tells us that there is time for everything (Eccles. 3:1).  This stage of development is the time to teach children continence and self-control and fill their minds or stuff their consciousness with all the bad things that can erupt from illicit sex which includes, but not limited to, terminal diseases like HIV/AIDS, other venereal diseases, unwanted pregnancies, divorce, infidelity to a life partner, weakening of will power toward great aspirations and achievements, guilty conscience arising from self-deceit and pollution, lying to one another and deceiving one another in friendship relations, breakdown of healthy relationships, heart-breaking and disappointment that often climax in homicide, murder or suicide, etc. 

The knowledge of the above listed dangers and misfortunes arising from illicit sexual behaviors is what right education should aim to inculcate in the lives of growing children and youth who do not know any better in order to discourage them from sexual promiscuity. We might not succeed with all the children but we may succeed with some if not many. To offer condoms to the children is a total breakdown of walls of moral sanity in their education and moral development. It will be a criminal act to be held perpetually against the adults of this society to do this to little children who do not know any better. We should know better than that.

The secret about this is that Satan is a liar, and our Blessed Lord called him the father of lies. If Satan deceived us to distribute condoms to our children so that they can have sex without contracting venereal diseases, the same Satan will eventually deceive our children not to use the condom in order to enjoy sex to the brim without restrictions. Hence, our society will eventually end up with sexual promiscuous citizens at every corner of the streets and venereal disease epidemic in our homes and parents who take care of these children will contract these diseases as their pay stub for allowing condoms to be offered to their children to have sex instead of maintaining zero tolerance for sex among their children.

Do children go to school to have sex?  Why should school be the right institution to distribute condoms to our children? We forbid adults under the pain of heavy punishment to have sex with minors because it is a scandal and secondly because sex is not good for them at their age. Are we now going to encourage minors to have sex with one another by offering them condoms?  There are many agencies which distribute condoms free of charge.  Those who do not want to exercise continence but to fool around can privately procure condoms unnoticed from those agencies. But not for schools entrusted with the care and education of children of different religious backgrounds to distribute condoms publicly to students thereby exposing all the children of different religious orientations to danger of sexual immorality and promiscuity against their creed.

Sex is holy and sacred and God who made it has willed that it be used in marriage union. Its use outside marriage is an abuse of sex.

Giving our growing children condoms is an outright endorsement that they can go on to have sex and that having sex at any age and with anyone does not make any difference provided they use condoms in order to stay safe health-wise. That alone can incite children who have not been interested to become interested and to want to test it out. We the People are simply destroying these children who do not know any better in the pretext that we are protecting their health. By doing this we are indirectly sodomizing the American society and making it a nation of gross immorality.

Is health the only value that is worth protecting and preserving in the lives of our young and growing children, our future generations? Is veneral disease the only health issue that a child can ever have.

The use of condoms is a moral issue for some religious denominations.  By distributing condoms to students of different religious denominations, are the public schools not making moral decisions for the children of different religious traditions that have moral concerns regarding the use of condoms?

My book, The Disaster of The Absence of Moral and Religious Education in the American Public Schools; Controversies and Possible Solutions, has laid down proposals on how moral and religious education can be brought back to public schools whereby with the permission of federal and state government the faith leaders(pastors, imams, rabbais, priests, etc.) of different religious traditions can come to school on a designated day of the week, in a one hour period, hold a moral and religious meeting with the children of their respective faith groups, without the government or the schools having to fund religion, or involve itself in an excessive entanglement with religion; without infringing on the freedom of those who might not want to involve themselves in any religious affairs in the public schools; without coercion of students, a teacher, an administrator or any staff in practicing religion against their will; without the practice of public prayer in the assembly of students of different religious orientations; and without the schools having to teach  morality or formulate prayers for students of mixed faith traditions. This is one of the ways the community can get involved in the education of our children in the public schools. This is one of the greatest discoveries made in my book.

We have no clue of the vast deadly consequences of what we are about to begin. When you endorse a child by offering him or her a condom to have sex, that means you are endorsing him or her to have sex with someone who is neither his wife nor her husband because they are not yet married.  If you groom a child in this mode of sexual behavior, how would you expect a child brought up in this way to stick to his or her life partner in sexual relationship when he/she finally gets married.  Remember the Word of God in the book of Proverbs: “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”(Prov. 22:6). Our society is already wrecked with divorce which has left bitterness, regrets and untold pains in the lives of so many. This time, we are warming up to get little children within the age of minors hooked up with sex by offering them condoms as incentive under the disguise of protecting their health.

I, therefore, call upon the American citizens of good will, God fearing citizens, those men and women who still habor the moral and religious spirit of our Pilgrim Fathers, parents and guardians of our children in public and private schools to stand up with one voice—cry out against this diabolic invasion on the moral sanity of the education of our children in the schools.  Do not say: “it does not concern me, after all my children are in the private schools”, or “I do not have children in the public or private schools anymore”.  You should fight for the welfare of this society, your grandchildren or your great-great grandchildren since you do not know where they will wind up in the future.   Remember that all irons will eventually corrode as long as they are having contact in one way or the other with the corroded ones.   As long as we live in the same society, all will eventually have contact with one another in one way or the other, at workplaces, in the church gathering, in the commercial centers and social areas, in the political gatherings, in the Congress, House of Representatives or Senate, etc.

Even if I fooled around with sex in my youth or childhood, that is not the reason why I should think my children should do the same. Good parents worthy of the name do not allow their children make the same mistakes they made as teenagers or as youths.

Evil begets another. Our society graduated from throwing moral and religious instructions out of schools to abortion legalization; from abortion legalization to same sex marriage endorsement; from same sex marriage endorsement to distribution of condoms to little children.  Where are we Americans heading to?  One thing is sure that what we are about to begin will do more harm than good in the lives of our children and we shall live to see the fire we have lit consume our society in the form of epidemic.

I must tell you, fellow Americans, the beloved children of the Living God, that in your midst are also demonic spirits of different strongholds, existing in human flesh and found among different board members, elected officers and leaders of different organizations and associations, in the churches, in the schools, higher institutions, business corporations, manufacturers and inventors, in the Senate and House of Representatives, etc.  They put on human flesh, look like real human beings: laugh, crack jokes, eat and drink; some have wives or husbands and children, but some don’t. They look real but are not real human beings.   They are invaders from alien kingdoms which are not divine but satanic.  They have no power to force themselves on any one, but they can appeal to our consciences and convictions and insinuate evils that will endanger the welfare of society and destroy it in the most subtle way in the disguise of helping society solve its problems.

We must know that they physically exist among us but wear no badges by which to identify them.  There is no need to identify them for God has already empowered us with intellect and reasoning, a sense of judgment to discern right and wrong, good and evil, and with freedom to choose. But we have constantly refused to learn from our past mistakes.
Is there any guarantee that when we distribute condoms to little children to have sex, unwanted pregnancies, HIV/AIDS, other venereal diseases, etc., will stop or be diminished?  Future statistics will prove us wrong, but then it will be too late unless we never start what we have announced to begin.          

What good have we done to a child by giving him condoms to have sex and later bring him to Court to execute him for rape which is a result of lack of sexual continence and self-control which he was never taught but was offered, instead, condoms as a solution?  As of today no single discipline or subject in the school curriculum can mold conscience and inculcate the virtue of continence and self-control and other admirable virtues. It is only moral and religious instructions which can be offered by different religious traditions to the children of their respective faith groups in the schools.  The ways to get this accomplished without any frictions or stepping on the toes of anyone are neatly laid down in my book (www.fatherchristos.com/publications).

What good have we done to our children by giving them condoms to have sex only to summon them to Court to celebrate their divorce by issuing a certificate of divorce to them as a result of lack of continence and self control of one of the partners (or both) in having sexual relations outside marriage, simply because we have not taught them or made any provision to teach them sexual continence and self-control as children?

The last word of mine is that DISTRIBUTION OF CONDOMS to school children is NOT the right solution to the problem.  It will worsen the sexual life of our growing children and degrade the moral sanity and authority of American society in the face of the world.

May we not foolishly watch out for God to rain brimstones and fire upon us as He did on Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen.19:1-28).   And, if He does not, we think that what we do is acceptable to Him.  Our God does not show partiality.  If he punished them, He will definitely punish us for doing the same thing they did (cf. Act 10:34-35).  How and when God will punish us, we do not know.  He will punish us when and the way He chooses and it will be worse than what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah unless we change our ways.  What will happen to us will be worse because we have imitated them in all the evils that they did and worst still failed to learn from their mistakes and what happened to them. The tragedy of human history is that men have refused to learn from history.